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Intermed designs simple face shield,#BountyShield, and improves ventilator splits for patients.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Thursday was a busy day for the Intermed team. Intermed got together to create a simple face shield that could be made from products found in the average home. Simple to build, cheap, durable, and protective to the eyes and face. Using a Bounty paper towel, transparency paper, and twine you can actually create a pretty durable and comfortable face shield. See instruction video below.

Our team worked on the face shield in the morning while our ventilator parts were printing.

Once printed the team headed over the the surgery center to test out the ventilator parts under the guidance of Paul Gera, MD. an anesthesiologist. Our parts enabled one ventilator to be used on two patients during extreme emergency conditions only, but effectively. We listened and found ways to make the devices safer and more dynamic for the critical care teams; such as flow and restrictions, preventing aerosolization of the corona virus, and limiting points of failure.

The simple solutions are a great example of our team work, the community, and the hospital coming together to solve problems.

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