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IL completes Stanford University Pilot Trial

Intermed Labs just completed its pilot clinical trial at Stanford University Division of Plastic Surgery with the HandEd educational tool. The HandEd device is a lifelike hand with integrated fractures design to allow progressive learning for the students. Seventeen Stanford residents, led by Dr. Travis Miller, utilized the trainer throughout various repair and exposure techniques. Plate, pins, xray, and suturing were all performed allowing the residents to learn important surgical techniques outside the OR.

Comments from the residents were telling about the success of the project.

"Awesome simulator! Felt realistic, would be awesome to continue using for ongoing practice"

"This should be used in all ortho and plastic surgery training programs"

Next steps in this training device will be to extend the design to the whole hand, integrate additional and more complex fracture patterns, and introduce the carpal bones. Training can be expanded to include scaphoid fixation, basilar thumb surgery, and proximal row carpectomy.

Exciting times for this project and Intermed Labs. If you would like to order a HandEd trainer for your program put let us know.

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