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Octopus Rib Fixation is a patent-pending, innovative non-operative solution to improve rib stability following trauma. Elderly patients who sustain blunt chest trauma have mortality and morbidity rates that are twice the corresponding rates prevalent among the younger population. See the impact of Rib Fractures in this Annals of Thoracic Medicine Article on Rib Fracture in Geriatric Patients.




RetrieV is a revolutionary new suture passer system with patented needle technology to improve arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee, and hip. Stronger, stiffer, smaller but using the same surgery techniques RetrieV is well-positioned to disrupt this nearly $800 Million orthopedic market. 




Bipolar disorder and Anxiety disorders significantly affect millions of Americans annually. A regional psychiatrist shared a method she has used to assist her patients by tracking their sleep and activity patterns objectively with wearable technology. Identifying triggers for mood changes can improve health, wellness, and productivity. Using the App and wearable technology the MoodZzz technology can help patients enjoy a better quality of life and help their doctors keep them there.




Reduced work hours and funding have fueled an increase in simulation-based training for surgery residency programs. Certain simulation training can fail to enhance skills because of availability, cost, or low fidelity. There is a growing interest among training programs for a cost-effective surgical simulator to improve the basic skills and muscle memory of residents. We have developed H4nd3d to help trainees improve their proprioceptive and operative skills.

See our new pilot trial information here. 




Chronic Fecal Incontinence is a serious problem that disrupts tens of millions of lives around the world. Evidence suggests that breakdowns in the bowel-brain communication pathway are the root cause of chronic fecal incontinence. While more conservative therapies focus on the bowel and related muscles, Electronic bowel control therapy targets the nerves, which is thought to help restore normal bowel function. Radian is an innovative device to assist surgeons in placing the stimulator correctly. Better placement leads to better patient results.



A simple, functional, totally 3D printed Finger for less than $20.


According to research, there are about 50,000 new finger amputations that occur yearly in the United States; and over 1 million without some part of a digit. Prosthetic use can be limited due to access and cost.


The goal for our team was clear. We wanted to bring finger prosthetics to the masses by creating a simple completely 3D printed finger prosthetic that can be ordered online in 10 minutes and cost less than 20 dollars.


Simple in design but optimized in form; Fingy solves many problems.




The Global Scar Removal Treatment Market is expected to reach $15 billion by the end of 2022. Current OTC scar products are widely utilized to reduce scar thickness and pigmentation while increasing pliability. This new patented dressing provides the optimal moisture retention, gas exchange, and pressure to reduce scar appearance and improve quality. The dressing recruits and aligns fibroblasts at the site of the wound. Our research was recently presented at the American College of Surgeons 2019 national meeting. 

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