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Intermed Labs  is an award winning innovation lab and startup studio that advances technological breakthroughs in Health Technology. We work with talented physicians, companies, and health systems to conceive, launch, and scale new businesses. Our team is constantly exploring and validating new innovative concepts to improve patient care. We design, prototype, validate, patent, present, and publish our top concepts. When launching a new company, we surround that startup with expertise in every discipline to build a strong organization. (See what our current projects are here.) Our expertise spans practice areas, such as engineering and design, medicine, sales and marketing, finance, and data science. See where IL impacts the journey from idea to commercialization in this schematic.


Intermed Labs and Mon Health Win
ECRI Innovation National Award

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Our Customers

Intermed Labs partners with hospital systems, universities, and companies to advance the medical ideas of their staff.  We work together to evaluate and triage ideas and co-invest in them with discounted services.

For those not ready to have a lab established within their organization, we also provide a fee-for-service to organizations, individuals, and even other labs requiring our unique expertise.

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Health System Partnerships

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Mon Health System is located North Central West Virginia. The three hospital system is consistently ranked one of the best in the state. Intermed Labs serves as the innovation arm for Mon Health and key to unlocking IP potential of its employees.

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"Intermed Labs opens new doors for med-tech enterprise and will immediately advance innovation, improve patient outcomes, create jobs and economic opportunities in the community ."


David Goldberg

President & CEO of Mon Health 

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Intermed Labs is a member of the Global Startup Studio Network. GSSN is a highly curated community of the world's best venture studios, startup studios, company builders and venture builders. GSSN increases the access to operational processes, human and financial capital.

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What is a Startup Studio?

We are innovating to fight COVID.

Like most people in the world, we also have been impacted locally by COVID-19 and wanted to help. Our team began brainstorming on ways in which we could help both our community but other communities. We put on our outside the box hats and got to work. We built partnerships, listened to health care providers, and worked with the community to understand how we could best help mitigate the risks associated with COVID. Our design and micro-manufacturing skills went to work and we produced three different projects to assist the community. See what we are building to help protect people from COVID-19.